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Black Hole Guest

Maybe the next person chosen by the black hole is you.

Black Hole Guest is a group of simple experimental attempts combining film photography and Photoshop techniques.

The inspiration for these photos comes from the 1930s, a story about drilling holes in film. At that time, Farm Security Administration invited many photographers to record the scene of rural decline. Roy Stryker, the project leader, was extremely strict with the requirements for photos. He screened destructive negative films by drilling holes that were not up to standard in technology, inappropriate in subject matter and negative in content. Many people scoff at this. Some photographers think that Stryker’s behavior is very barbaric and has eliminated many excellent works.

This incident inspired my understanding of film photography. In this information age, digital photography is undoubtedly accepted and used by more people, and film photography has a unique feature, which is that film itself is an art medium beyond the existence of images. I think that punching holes in film is a form of expression that only film photography can achieve. By means of Photoshop collage, these holes can also interact with the elements in the picture to a certain extent, thus producing interest. This combination of traditional media and modern techniques is an effective experimental attempt.

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