UnFrame: Relationship  is a body of photo-based works through which I explore my subconscious behavior by showing my relationships with people around me. In my prior work, I used to combine seemingly unrelated elements through different dimensions in the same work as a means of linking reality and the spiritual world. I continue to consider these combinations along with my family, the environment I grew up in, the things I’ve experienced and the people I’ve loved. All of these things shape a person’s character and defines their relationships with others and subconscious perceptions of those relationships. My creative process draws on the principles of semiotics, finding the representative elements of the different subjects, appropriating and retaining each subject’s past, and integrating them into self-portraiture. Due to the uncontrollable samples and media of the subject matter, the final images and initial ideas are not often the same. This phenomenon can be mapped to the expectation and reality of human relationships. 

UnFrame: Relationship