UnFrame is a group of self portraits about my hesitation, which demonstrates, from my point of view, the communication between myself and the world, the interaction between me and my heart. These photographs create a common theme and connect with each other through the formal device of frame within the frame.

I am separated from the world by a frame, or a door, or a window. The world is outside the frame, I am inside. I communicate with the world through photographic frames, which provided me with shelter, abolished the impurities, and inspired me. As photographers, we have always communicated with the world through the frame of the viewfinder. Over time, the frame gradually became my medium and props. I explored and searched for the lens language that could be combined with the frame, and imagined that I could achieve some montage photographs through the frame, such as breaking the constraints of time and space, and separating myself from appearance and inner heart.


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